FREE Fagins 'Introduction to Guitar Playing' Courses back up & Running!

Great to get the free 4 x week ‘Introduction to Guitar Playing’ courses at Fagins, Taff’s Well back up and running. A full house for both September and October with places up for grabs on the November & January weeks. The courses are aimed at adult beginners or those with little playing experience who are looking for a new outlook on how to learn to play the guitar.

Most learners struggle without any direction and end up practising without any real progress, so the emphasis will be firmly on how to approach the tricky art of learning how to learn to play the guitar. Technique, rhythm, timing, structured and daily practice sessions are all essential for progress to be achieved. If you practice with purpose for 10-15 minutes a day, you will quickly start to develop technique and ‘muscle-memory’.

Learning how to read tab (tablature) requires no great musical knowledge and will enable you to follow the chords and single-note lines which form the basis of 1000’s of famous songs. If you can’t find 10-15 mins every day, then you have to ask yourself whether you are cut out to play the guitar. The courses talk about every day guitar-based theory and build famous songs from the floor up so are able to understand the concept of playing slowly to learn faster. As it is crash course, you will not be expected to take everything in over four weeks so there is no competition within the group and no one needs to feel left out if they are having problems with anything.

You will be encouraged to go away and structure your own learning, spot & assess problems, come up with solutions, and apply them using simple techniques to ensure you remember the correct way to play. If you have a guitar and always wondered what it would like to be able to play properly, then reserve place by dropping me a line:

  • 2021 September Course – Full

  • 2021 October Course – Full

  • 2021 November course: Mon. 7.00 – 9.00pm 8th/15th/22nd/29th ((places available)

  • 2022 January: dates TBC (taking bookings)

All course material will be backed up in hard copy

For more information on the course content, take a look at a previous blog post.

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