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 FREE 1:1 One Hour Taster Lesson 

What's the Catch?

There's no catch as it actually makes sense for anybody who is thinking about taking up guitar lessons to meet up with me before committing to lessons. If you intend to learn to play the guitar, serious thoughts are needed as you will be required to spend time practising and if you haven't thought about what lies ahead, the chances are you won't stick it out.

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How do you deliver the free lesson?

Essentially, there are two forms of free one to one 1 hour guitar lessons which entail either visiting me at my home studio or taking the lesson via Skype and webcam. Although I am DBS checked, by visiting me, parents can get a feel of the surroundings in a relaxed atmosphere and the child can become comfortable as it's essential that he or she looks forward to a lesson they are going to enjoy.


For adult students, it's a case of bringing their guitar and having a natter over what music and guitarists influence them so we can ensure that lessons are built around specific tastes and genres of music; if you want to pop by and just have chat over a cup of coffee - that's fine by me.

Skype Online Guitar Lessons

One-to-one online lessons are growing more popular by the day and although they will never quite match the effectiveness of face-to-face lessons, they are a great way of providing tuition for those who may be struggling with either time or travel or may prefer for their children to learn from home. It's really easy to set up as I will email you a link prior to the lesson, you press the link...and that's all that there is to it as the window will automatically open up and show my beautiful face staring at you!

Try before you buy!


It always pays to do your homework before committing to anything worthwhile and the journey to learning to play any instrument is one that needs careful consideration. If a teacher doesn't inspire you in any way then the learning curve is going to be long and slow so it's important that you forge a relationship that is hopefully going to become an important part of your musical life.

What they say...

“Dave is an excellent teacher with a clear and effective teaching style. I was fortunate enough to get a spot in one of his classes and I can't thank him enough. He is knowledgeable, patient and really wants people to succeed. Would recommend highly.”


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