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 Useful Links & Resources 

Here's a selection of hand-picked websites which provide tabs (tablature), backing tracks, jamming tracks, resources, tips and general information surrounding the learning and playing of the guitar. Online lessons will never replace the effectiveness of face-to-face or one-to-one online lessons as your progress and any bad habits cannot be taken into consideration - but the amount of information on the web is staggering and I would advise anyone to use it where appropriate; happy learning!

A huge library of free guitar song Tabs plus articles and a forums.

Search engine which is a portal to a massive amount of guitar Tabs.

Huge resource of free guitar tabs with an optional paid subscription service which includes some really fancy features such as a tab/instrument player.

Useful site full of multi-version backing tracks which are mostly midi instruments but a  huge choice and great for jamming and playing along to.

Great site for multi-version backings tracks with vocals - really high quality.

Very well made jamming tracks in various styles of artists, genres and in different keys and modes.

Fantastic selection of quality recorded jamming tracks in different styles, keys and modes. He also has a Youtube channel.

Love this guys approach to teaching. His website and Youtube channel are full of  really interesting information, advice and tips on guitar playing.

Probably my favourite teacher out there on the net; dry, humerous, informative, talented - a very laid-back and entertaining resource centre. Great Youtube videos.

Top US session guitarist who gives away so much great info on guitar-related topics. Lovely demeanour, talented player - gold dust comments for budding guitarists.

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