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Walnut Tree Cafe (Taff's Well) Guitar Workshops

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

2023 brings a new twist to Dave Beese Guitar Tuition with a series of guitar workshops at the Walnut Tree Cafe in Taff's Well. Cafe owner Martin says "As a fellow musician, I'm delighted that Dave has decided to hold some of his guitar workshops within these four walls. Can't wait to hear and talk to like-minded musicians who share the same passion for music a I do".

The workshop will provide the opportunity for students of all standards to play along with a very experienced keyboard player either on their own or as part of the group. The aim is to provide valuable experience for student guitar players so they learn to adapt playing outside the comfort of their own practice environment. I will put together a list of songs and circulate them so they can be worked on in lesson time and of course at home for those who would like to attend. Learning to play in the company of others is such an important and necessary skill and one that can only be achieved by playing with other musicians. Students will be encouraged to play whatever part they are comfortable with and the emphasis will be on the group playing together so there is no undue pressure. Anyone who wants to perform with keyboardist Gary Foreman and myself on their own will be encouraged to do so. I hope to build on these sessions and invite guest musicians to rock up and take part and also arrange Q&A sessions with them as part of the day. This way, students will get a flavour of what goes on in the gigging world. This a great opportunity to gain valuable experience of putting your new skills to the test and gaining enormous satisfaction from the hard work you have put in. The sessions will start in the spring so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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